SAP MM Training

Looking for a career in SAP MM Module? Smart choice, SAP MM module has great prospects. Quality training available with qualified and experienced instructors.

Anybody with experience in the logistics, (purchasing, production, inventory management, Warehouse Management, Plant Maintenance etc) is a good candidate for a career in SAP MM configuration. You already know the business process, it is only a matter of learning to configure the same in SAP software.

It is easy to learn the SAP MM module if you follow the structured and tested training roadmap with milestones to compare your progress on a timeline. The instructor keeps a sharp eye on your progress and assigns extra attention to students who are in need of it.

Employers are looking for resources who are well trained in how to configure the SAP MM module in a step-by-step structured format. That is why we have carefully designed this course to exceed employer expectations. The training is hands-on right from the very beginning. Students are given access to a real SAP system to practice. Minimum required is 3 hours every day but since the access is 24x7 students may practice as much as they want.

The current version of our course curriculum is the result of contributions made by many senior SAP MM consultants who have exposure of a variety of industries in the US. It is constantly evolving to keep pace with the ever changing marketplace. This training requires that students practice hundreds of hours before even touching their resume. Our students step into the job market completely prepared to face the challenges of the complex business world.

There is a global demand for SAP MM consultants. That much said, a serious commitment and dedication is required to meet the prevailing standards. Although certification is seldom mentioned on job postings, it will go a long way to establish your worth. We urge our students to aim for certification within one month of completing the training.

SAP MM (Materials Management) is a module of the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package that is used for Procurement Handling and Inventory Management, it forms the basis for all other modules of SAP Logistics area.