Java Training | Java Language Course

About JAVA:

Java is one of the most popular programming language. In Java you can develop computer applications, games, web applications, e-commerce solutions, program devices and many more. Java has unlimited usage.That is why Java is an integral part of Intranet applications, E-business solutions and forms the foundation of corporate computing. Java is also one of the most important component of Client-Server Web Applications and is the most secure language till date.

All over of the world there are about 9 million Java Programmers.

Our modular Java Training Program is designed to give you the complete and cutting edge knowledge of the language.Our course covers the basics of java moving on to advance topics.

Java Course Structure:

Module One: Core Java

  1. Introduction to Java
  2. Basic Programming Components (variables,if, switch, loops, arrays etc.)
  3. OOPs Concept in Java (Classes, Objects)
  4. Inheritance,Polymorphism,DMD
  5. Inner Classes, Anonymous Classes, Abstract Classes, Final Classes
  6. Wrapper Classes
  7. Composition Vs Aggregation
  8. Packages
  9. String and StringBuffer Class
  10. Exception Handling
  11. Serialisation
  12. Multithreading In Java
  13. IO Streams In Java(Byte and Character Streams)
  14. File Handling In Java
  15. Introduction To Applets
  16. Collections
  17. Generics

Module Two: Advance Java

  1. Introduction to IDE (Netbeans and Eclipse)
  2. Event Handling
  3. AWT
  4. Swings
  5. MySQL
  6. JDBC
  7. Images in Java
  8. Socket Programming
  9. Java Scripts
  10. Project Work

Module Three: Enterprise Java

  1. Servlets
  2. JSP
  3. JSP with JDBC
  4. Introduction to MVC Architecture

Module Four: J2EE/ MVC Frameworks

  1. Spring
  2. Hibernation
  3. JPA
  4. EJB
  5. Project Work

Module Five & Six : Android Application Development using Java

NOTE: You can either do the complete module or choose to do some parts of it.