Mobile Application Development Training

Mobile Devices like smart phones and tablets have become a very important part of our daily life. That’s why development in this area is taking place at very fast pace. Mobile devices are used, not only for communication, but also for entertainment, education, money transaction, social networking, advertising etc. So the opportunities in Mobile Application development are unlimited in coming years.

Generally Mobile Apps are of three types:

  • Native Apps:
  • Native apps are developed for a particular platform using a particular language. For eg. Android Apps for Android enabled devices are developed using android SDK and java. For iPhone development ,IOS SDK is required. Native apps are fast and highly reliable. Native apps developed for a particular platform run only on that platform.

  • Mobile Web Apps:
  • These are basically mobiles websites developed using HTML 5.0. They look like and behave like mobile applications but are stored on web server.

  • Hybrid Apps:
  • These Apps are also written using web technologies like HTML 5.0, CSS 3.0 and JQM. Hybrid apps run inside a thin native container and can access mobile device’s capabilities like accelerometer, local storage and camera etc. Mobile Web Apps cannot access these features of the Mobile device. Hybrid apps are moderately powerful and their development cost is reasonable.

We offer training program in all three types mentioned above. For more details about these courses click the link below:

Hybrid Mobile App Development Programme

Native App Development Programme